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Omnipotent but with DT...

Linger no longer.... Kid, I am here for you. I am here to heal you. I am here to calm you. I am here to END you. - Omnipotent!Dtale!Sans


Dtale!Sans was roaming around AUs, exploring and gathering more information about them. Dtale!Sans went to Dtale!Fell to explore around the AU when all of a sudden, he saw an Orb on a tree around Snowdin. He felt curious why there was an Orb lying around in Dtale!Fell. However, since the Orb felt like energy and Dtale!Sans wanted to become more powerful than he is right now in order for him to protect his loyal brother, Papyrus. So, Dtale!Sans absorbed the Orb. However, he soon regretted his mistake when he felt a sharp pain in his body. He screamed in agony as the pain grew sharper. He ran around and stumbled across a rock, falling down and crushing his eye against a stone. He started to be unconscious and he fainted. After a while, he found himself in an abandoned AU mostly known as 'DeadDtales'. He was mystified why he was there and where he was when all of a sudden, he saw a figure. The figure saw Omni and ran towards him, slashing his axe aggressively at him when Omni, out of nowhere, summoned a portal to the void and threw the figure in. And as the portal started closing, the figure introduced himself as 'Infected'. Omni decided it was not best to bump into this 'Infected' again while traveling through AUs. So, he decided to return to his AU. However, as impossible as it seems, Omni couldn't retrace his steps and the most shocking part was that he couldn't even remember his AU name. He started traveling from AU to AU when he bumped into a person. The person introduced herself as 'The Determined Astral Mother'. The Determined Astral Mother offered to train Omni so that he could get even stronger and Omni agreed. Soon, Omni learned to master his DT and Orb, reaching their full potential, which was one hard thing for Omni to perfect. Another hard was that Omni needed his DT and Orb to fuse so that he could concentrate better and achieve stronger and more powerful attacks. Soon, Omni perfected everything and all of his requirements. When he was about to leave, The Determined Astral Mother gave Omni a book, telling him to open it up. And it all became a regret for Omni to trust The Determined Astral Mother, the book released strong energy of force, pulling Omni into the book. He soon found himself nowhere. 'Hehehehe, another one bites the dust.' said The Determined Astral Mother. Omni now lives in the book and waits for someone to reopen the book in a proper way so that he can escape and complete his mission on killing The Determined Astral Mother...


Omni doesn't really have a personality but only cares for his mission, to get out of the book and get revenge from The Determined Astral Mother.



Omni wears a white jacket with a red cape behind. He wears a pink shirt with sweat pants that have pink stripes. Omni wears pink slippers and he has a patch on his right eye. There are three eyes for Omni, right eye, forehead eye, and left eye. His left eye is red and his forehead eye is pink.


God Ray

This ray comes out of Omni's third eye. The ray will instantly eliminate anyone it comes to contact with except for some multiversal people.

Omni Blasters

These blasters are super fast (due to the DT) and stronger. They move in the speed of light.

ATK Increase

Omni can increase his ATK with no limit by 100000.

DEF Increase

Omni can increase his DEF with no limit by 100000. Or making him invincible.

AU Travel

Not really an ability but still counts. He can travel through AUs. If you go through the portal Omni summoned, well, your dead.

Omni Code

Omni can create trillions of clones of himself and even pasting himself using his code. However, they waste a lot of stamina.


Beyond is a form that Omni can't control. If Omni's health is low, the Orb will sense his health going down and the Orb will absorb the VOID power in order to support him. The Orb in Omni's body will also unleash its true power that Omni has just unlocked in the book.

Omni Bones

These bones are very long and do a lot of damage. It can move in the speed of light and can instantly kill someone. But be careful, Omni can change the bone to red and red is the double speed and damage of the original version.


Omni can destroy AUs and even timelines. By destroying AUs and timelines, he can just concentrate his power on the AU he wants to destroy and with a snap of his finger, BOOm! The AU is dead and even Dtale!Glitch!Sans can't revive the AU.


Besides destroying, Omni also learned to create things. These things that Omni created will last forever and they are unbreakable except for Omni himself can break what he created.


These blasters are like suckers that suck you into them. Once they gain enough power, they will blast a giant beam that will instantly eliminate anything. It is similar to Asriel's Hyper Goner.


Omni can steal someone's power. For example, if Omni touches Sans, one of Sans's abilities will be stolen like gaster blasters and Sans's gaster blaster can't use it anymore.


Omni can reflect attacks. If you blast a gaster blaster at him, it will reflect back at you like a mirror. However, once it reflects, the ray of the gaster blaster would increase its speed and ATK, and you can't control it anymore. Once, it hits you, your dead.


Omni can make himself Immune to attacks. So if you attack him, he won't be damaged at all.


Omni can make your eye blind for a while so you can't see things.


Omni can create souls and make them blast at you, almost killing everything.


These blasters are not easy to dodge. It will start to lock on you and blast you, making it difficult to dodge. It is similar to Fatal_Error's gaster blaster.


Omni can lock the AU so people inside the AU can't escape. For example, when Error enters an AU and Omni locks the AU's code, Error can't travel through another AU since Omni has blocked his exit from exiting the AU. Also, the AU Lock will last forever. Unless a multiversal character broke the AU Lock.


Omni can control the character's body and mind, making them do what he wishes.


These blasters can destroy AUs. However, the more power in each AU, the more power it requires to summon a DESTROYER BLASTER.


Omni can regenerate his health undecillion times quicker than anything.


If Omni was defeated and killed, 3 hours later, his code will start to reform again.


Omni can resurrect someone or an AU if he wishes to. This ability is similar to Dtale!Glitch!Sans's resurrection ability.


Omni can use telekinesis on someone, regardless of soul traits.


Omni can save wherever there is a SAVE Star.


Omni can continue when he dies.


Omni can load his stats.


Omni can RESET in an AU. However, the whole AU will be RESET.


Omni can TRUE RESET in an AU. However, the whole AU and timelines will be TRUE RESET.

Omni Nigh-Alimpify

Omni can change his stats with no limit. He can make his DEF infinite.

Code Manipulation

Omni can manipulate the code of an AU.


Besides DTX!Chara who has the OVERWRITE button, Omni can also create an OVERWRITE button using the code of the OVERWRITE button.


Besides GD!Chara who has the ERASE button, Omni can also create an ERASE button using the code of the ERASE button.


Omni can copy a code of something. For example, Omni can copy the code of a gaster blaster.


Omni after copying the code of something can also paste it, creating something he wishes.


Omni can use his magic to steal a soul from someone and absorbing it, making him more powerful than ever.


Omni can corrupt an AU if he wishes but he rarely does that.


Omni can steal someone's DT if he wishes to. This will be a support for him to become stronger.


Omni can only steal 10 MEGA DT from someone coz if he stole more than 10, he would die.


Omni can steal only 7 ULTRA DT from someone coz if he stole more than 7, he would die.

Magic Manipulation

Omni can manipulate someone's magic. He can also reverse the magic, making it even weirder.

File Manipulation

Omni can manipulate someone's file. He can change or mess the files, making the person's sprite and powers even weirder.


Omni can become a spy. He can change into a Froggit so that no one would know that he's in the AU. Plus, no one can sense his code except for Dtale!Virus404, Dtale!Error404 and even more multiversal characters.


Omni can command someone with a power level weaker than Omni. The person that Omni commands will immediately do what he wishes.


Omni can become invisible if he wishes to.

The X Blaster

Omni can summon a blaster that is glitched with X. If hit with the blaster, the person will immediately be corrupted with X.


Omni can summon a portal to the void.

Beyond's Attacks


This God Ray does infinite damage and is glitched with X. Whoever gets hit with it will die immediately and there's no chance of healing the injured person since the X will corrupt the injured person.


Omni can summon gigantic bones that are powerful and fast. It can instantly kill anyone.


Omni can destroy save stars so that monsters can't save.

Infinite Omni Bone Staff

Omni can wield an overpowered bone staff. It is unbreakable.

Soul Artifact

Omni can create souls if he wishes to.

Echo Screams

Omni can shout a very loud scream, so loud that even Dtale!Error404 can hear it.

Omni Glitch

Omni can glitch an AU, making it corrupted.


Omni can absorb someone's power if he wishes to.


Omni can create illusions if he wishes to.


No weaknesses. Plus, you should already know that there's an Omnipotent in his name. So, why still ask?


Unknown. Or might as well say infinity. Well, his stats are immeasurable. No wonder he is called Omni.

Summoning Ritual

Well, there's a Ritual for Omni. If you summon Omni through a Ritual, even if he uses gaster blasters at you, it won't affect you. So, for this Ritual to work, the top 30 most Determined Sans must use their power and think of good intentions why they want to summon Omni. Well, every fewer people succeeded since their reason was enough and they had good intentions. In this way, Omni would be summoned. However, it's not safe to make fun of Omni through the Ritual since the Legends who created the Ritual for summoning Omni will destroy the person who made fun of Omni through a powerful lightning zap.


  • Well, I talked to Sans753 about the backstory of Omni since Omni (Original Version) had Infected named as Jacob. Well, Sans753 said that I could use Dtale!Sans and an event that happened to him. And here we are, my finest idea. This is truly a masterpiece.
  • Omni isn't actually stronger than DClans.
  • Omnipotent!Dtale and Dtale!Ares are not the same person.